2010-2012 Undergraduate Catalog 
    Jan 24, 2021  
2010-2012 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


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Chair: Nancy S. Niemi, Ph.D., University of Rochester

Professors: Louise M. Soares, Ph.D., University of Illinois

Associate Professors: Nancy S. Niemi, Ph.D., University of Rochester; Judy Randi, Ed.D., Teachers College of Columbia University

Assistant Professor: Amanda R. Bozack, Ph.D., University of Arizona

Lecturers: John Ciochine, M.A. and 6th Year Certificate, Fairfield University; Susanne Murphy, M.S. and 6th Year Certificate, Southern Connecticut State University; Lawrence Roberts, M.S. and 6th Year Certificate, Connecticut College and Sacred Heart University

While the University of New Haven does not offer an undergraduate degree in the subject of education, the Education Department does offer two programs of graduate study: Teacher Certification, for those seeking initial teacher certification, and Professional Education, for currently certified teachers seeking professional advancement. Both programs lead to the Master of Science in education degree. These programs represent the University’s commitment to the preparation of teacher candidates for meaningful roles in teaching the youth of the twenty first century. The Education Department prepares future elementary and secondary school teachers. Secondary school subject areas include business education, English/language arts, mathematics, music, science, social studies, and world languages.

All students who are interested in pursuing a teaching career should contact the Education Department as soon as possible during their undergraduate career. University of New Haven undergraduates who wish to pursue a career in teaching may be eligible for early admission to the UNH Education Department’s graduate program through the 4+1 Program in Education. This process allows qualified undergraduates to begin their education course work as undergraduates, enabling them to earn a bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree, and Connecticut certification in five and one-third years. Students in this program develop a modified major worksheet: for example, a “Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics — Pre-Education.”

Students in the 4+1 Program in Education take their first education course during the spring semester of their junior year. This course, ED 350 - Intro to Education and Field Study , provides students with an overview of the field of education. (All credit requirements for financial aid and undergraduate standing must be maintained while pursuing the 4+1 Program in Education.) In their senior year undergraduates take two graduate education courses. Following their undergraduate graduation, students begin the graduate program in August and an internship in a public school, which provides payment for tuition, but not for the culminating student teaching experience. Students attend classes in the evening. Our program’s field component places students in a local school to work with schoolchildren under the direction of a classroom teacher. This experience gives our students the opportunity to observe professional teachers in their own classrooms, thus gaining valuable hands-on experience in an urban and/or a suburban school district as well as linking theory and practice. UNH’s Education Department is currently placing interns in 36 Connecticut public schools. Students also experience thirteen weeks of student teaching and are fully responsible for the cost of student teaching.

The master’s degree is tuition-free with participation in the public school internship program. Successful completion of all requirements, including the student teaching component, will result in UNH’s recommendation to the State Department of Education for Connecticut certification. Students
are able to apply for Fall teaching positions in Connecticut public schools.

Entrance Requirements

  • Students are required to have and maintain an undergraduate cumulative 3.0 G.P.A.
  • Students must develop a modified major worksheet by their sophomore year. For example, a mathematics major would develop a worksheet for the “B.A. in Mathematics — Pre-Education.” Formal admission into the program occurs in the student’s senior year.
  • Successful completion of Praxis I, or a total of 1100 on the SATs for a waiver. Secondary students must pass Praxis II (content exam) before beginning student teaching.
  • Passing grade on the UNH Writing Proficiency Exam by the end of junior year.
  • Successful completion of ED 350 - Intro to Education and Field Study .
  • Approval/recommendation from major advisers.
  • Completion of formal application for graduate school and satisfaction of all graduate school requirements. All fees waived.

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