2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog 
    Jan 26, 2020  
2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog

Graphic Design, B.F.A., Digital Art and Design Concentration

In the digital age, the artist’s palette overflows with new opportunities for creative expression in industries that barely existed a decade ago.  The BFA in Graphic Design - Digital Art and Design concentration is tailored for students who seek training in the latest technologies and the chance to transform the visual landscape of technologies yet to come.

The introductory courses in the graphic design program concentrate on basic design vocabulary, composition, color perception, and drawing. Students apply long-established principles to the evolving aesthetics of computer-generated art and electronic media. The BFA in Graphic Design - Digital Art and Design concentration prepares students for successful careers in design, whether that be in print, web, or multimedia and graduates are poised to make meaningful and culturally notable contributions in the digital arts. Additionally, the rigorous course of study provides students with the foundation to continue with graduate studies in the field.

Required Courses:

Students earning a BFA degree in Graphic Design - Digital Art and Design concentration are required to complete a total of 121 credits comprised of the following:

The completion of 40 credits of University Core Curriculum with the following restrictions:

  • CC 1.1:  ENGL 1112  - Seminar in Academic Inquiry and Writing
  • CC 2.1:  COMM 1130  - Principles of Communication
  • CC 4.1:  PHYS 1130  - Physics of Light and Color with Laboratory
  • CC 5.1:  UNIV 1141  - The Common Course: Life on Earth
  • CC 9.1:  ARTS 2231   - History of Art I
  • CC 1.2:  ARTS 3301  - Writing for Designers
  • CC 2.2:  DGAD 2001  - Multimedia Communication
  • CC 9.2:  ARTS 1110  - Digital Photography I
  • CC Tier 2 - any and all core competency categories and courses allowed

Plus Free Electives

  • Plus four free electives (12 electives)