2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog 
    Sep 26, 2020  
2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog

Fire Science, Fire Administration Concentration, B.S.


1. Students can analyze and manage multi-hazard emergency conditions, and make appropriate strategic, tactical and task decisions to mitigate the incident.

2. Students can establish an incident command system at an emergency in accordance with national standards.

3. Students can identify causes of fires within the community and establish appropriate fire prevention strategies

4. Students understand the role of a fire officer within the local government and can apply knowledge of leadership, organizational issues, regulations and standards to ensure organizational effectiveness in the administration of a fire fighting company, battalion or department.

5. Ability to make strategic and tactical decisions relating to management of a fire service organization in the areas of budgeting, project management, contract negotiations, discipline and conflict resolution.

B.S., Fire Science

The bachelor of science in fire science is offered with a choice of two concentrations to allow the student to major in fire science and specialize in an area of interest. The concentration areas are fire/arson investigation and fire administration.

University Core Curriculum

The completion of 40 credits with the following restrictions:

  • CC 1: ENGL 1112  or ENGL 1113  
  • CC 2: COMM 1130  
  • CC 3: any Tier 1 course from competency 3
  • CC 4: CHEM 1105  
  • CC 5: UNIV 1141
  • CC 6: any Tier 1 course from competency 6
  • CC 7: PSYC 1111  
  • CC 8: any Tier 1 course from competency 8
  • CC 9: any Tier 1 course from competency 9
  • Plus 12 credits from Tier 2 courses and
  • A certified English course to satisfy the Writing Across the Curriculum requirement

Concentration in Fire Administration

This concentration prepares students for careers in municipal, private, or industrial fire departments. The curriculum provides the educational background to advance through the ranks and become the future leaders of the fire service.