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University of New Haven Academic Catalog
    University of New Haven
  Nov 22, 2017
2013-2015 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Forensic Science, M.S., Fire Science Concentration

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M.S., Forensic Science

Candidates are required to complete 42 credits of graduate work over a period of five trimesters. Transfer of credit from other institutions may be permitted subject to the Graduate School policy on transfer credit detailed elsewhere in this catalog. At the time of application to the forensic science program, applicants must specify area of concentration.


The Concentration in Criminalistics requires students to write  a thesis.  Students pursuing the Concentration in Advanced Investigation or the Concentration in Fire Science may elect to write a thesis in lieu of FORS 6686   FS Research Project / FORS 6688  - FS  Internship I and three credits of electives. Registration for a minimum of six thesis credits (FORS 6697  , FORS 6698  ) would be required. The thesis must show an ability to organize material in a clear and original manner and to present well-reasoned conclusions. Thesis preparation and submission must comply with the Graduate School policy on theses as well as specific departmental requirements.


In addition, other concentration courses (in lists from which one, two, or more must be taken) may fulfill elective requirements. Courses listed as requirements for one of the concentrations may be taken as electives for other concentrations with the permission of the student’s faculty advisor.

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