2010-2012 Undergraduate Catalog 
    May 28, 2023  
2010-2012 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Tuition, Fees, and Expenses


The tuition and other expenses listed in this section reflect the charges for the 2010–11 academic year.

Full-time students taking courses offered during the day or the evening will pay the full-time tuition rate for the first 17 credits per semester.

Any student who is registered as a full-time Day Division student on the first day of the semester will be responsible for payment of full-time Day Division tuition for the entire semester, regardless of any subsequent dropping of credits or withdrawal from a course. The exception to this would be when withdrawal occurs during the first four weeks of the term. If this happens, the university’s tuition refund policy would be in effect. Full-time Day Division students who plan to enroll for fewer than 12 credits in any given term must change their enrollment standing to part time prior to the first day of the term.

Students enrolled as full-time Day Division students who take 18 or more credits in a single term will be charged additional tuition for each credit over 17, unless the additional credits are required for that semester on the student’s major worksheet.

International Student Acceptance Fee

The international student fee is required of international undergraduate and graduate students when they first enroll. It supports a variety of services and programs, cross-cultural workshops, community activities, international alumni programs, library subscriptions to international newspapers and magazines, and the International Services Office.

Engineering Tuition Differential

Courses with the designations BME, CE, CEN, CH, CM, CS, EE, EAS, IE, ME, SE, or SU offered by the Tagliatela College of Engineering are charged an $80 per credit tuition differential.

Tuition and Fees 2010–2011 Undergraduate

  Per Occurrence Per Term  Yearly Total

Pre-Enrollment Fees

Paper Application Fee $50 n/a n/a
Online Application Fee $25 n/a n/a
Enrollment Fee — Commuter Students $200 n/a n/a
Enrollment Fee — Residential Students $400 n/a n/a
Acceptance Fee for New International Students $200 n/a n/a

Tuition: Full-Time Day

Tuition (12–17 Credit Hours)  n/a $14,125 $28,250
Additional Charge for Credits Over 17 (Per Credit)  $940 n/a n/a
General Student Fee n/a $610 $1,220
General Student Fee International n/a $860 $1,720
  Per Occurrence Per Term  Yearly Total

Tuition: Part-Time Day

Part-Time Tuition (1–11 Credits) n/a $940 n/a
Mandatory Activity Fee for 3–5 Credits $20 n/a $40
Mandatory Activity Fee for 6–8 Credits $38 n/a $76
Mandatory Activity Fee for 9–11 Credits $56 n/a $112
Mandatory Technology Fee   $50 n/a $100

Tuition: Evening

Part-Time Tuition n/a $470 n/a
Mandatory Activity Fee (non-accelerated session) $20 n/a $40
Mandatory Technology Fee (Non-accelerated session) $50 n/a $100
Mandatory Activity Fee (each fall & spring accelerated session) $ 10 n/a n/a
Mandatory Technology Fee (each fall & spring accelerated session) $ 25 n/a n/a
  Per Occurrence Per Term  Yearly Total

Summer I and Summer II (starting May 2010)

Part-Time Tuition n/a $470 n/a
  Per Occurrence Per Term  Yearly Total


Alumni n/a $70 n/a
Non-Alumni n/a $120 n/a
Engineering Courses n/a $80 n/a
Computer Science Courses n/a $80 n/a
Chemistry Courses n/a $80 n/a
  Per Occurrence Per Term  Yearly Total

Residential Life Charges

Room — Double Occupancy n/a $3,500 $7,000
Room – Triple Occupancy n/a $ 3,300 $ 6,600
Room – Soundview Hall Double n/a $ 4,100 $ 8,200
Room – Soundview Hall Triple n/a $4,400 $8,800
Interim Housing (Per Week) $220 n/a n/a
Housing Activity Fee  n/a $50 $100
Room Selection Deposit for Returning Students $250 n/a $250
Parking Fee (Residential Students Only) $200 n/a $200
Meal Plan A n/a $2,386 $4,772
Meal Plan B n/a $2,302 $4,604
Meal Plan C n/a $1966 $3,932
Meal Plan D n/a $1,966 $3,932
Meal Plan E n/a $2,302 $4,604
    Per Occurrence Per Credit 

Additional Fees

Co-op Registration — Full-Time   $150 n/a
Co-op Registration — Part-Time   $75 n/a
Late Registration Fee   $25 n/a
Late Payment Fee   $50 n/a
Lab Fees   $32–700 n/a
Study Away Fees   $500–1,500 n/a
Crediting Exams   n/a $100
Graduation Refiling   $50 n/a
Late Graduation Filing Fee   $50 n/a
Diploma Replacement Fee   $50 n/a


The University reserves the right to make, at any time, whatever changes it deems necessary in admission requirements, fees, charges, tuition, faculty, instructors, policies, regulations, and academic programs prior to the start of any class, term, semester, trimester, or session. The University reserves the right to divide, cancel, or reschedule classes or programs if enrollment or other factors so require. All such changes are effective at such times as the proper authorities determine and may apply not only to prospective students but also to those who are already enrolled in the University.

General Fee

The general fee provides a partial contribution supporting essential infrastructure, facilities and institutional services necessary to promote student learning. This fee covers access to infirmary and counseling services and it supports student initiatives including, but not limited to, networks, electronic information resources, computer laboratories and smart technology classrooms. This fee also covers facility enhancements and other administrative services such as providing academic transcripts. The general fee is charged for each semester in which a student enrolls.


Tuition, fees, and other charges are payable no later than the University’s posted due date. Checks or money orders should be made payable to University of New Haven. There is a penalty charge of $20 per check for all checks returned by the payer’s bank.

The University withholds issuance of grades, awarding of diplomas, issuance of transcripts, and granting of honorable dismissal to any student whose account is in arrears. The University employs external collection agencies to assist with the collection of delinquent tuition accounts. Students are responsible for paying any collection costs and attorney’s fees associated with the collection of their tuition account.

The University offers a deferred payment option to assist families with meeting the costs of higher education. In partnership with Tuition Management Systems (TM.S.), the nation’s top-rated education payment plan provider, UNH offers an interest-free monthly payment plan that allows a family to spread education expenses over ten monthly payments per year.

There is an annual enrollment fee of $70, which includes toll-free and Internet access to education payment counselors and account information. In addition, this fee includes a life insurance policy for the person responsible for paying the bill. Information and enrollment forms for TM.S. are available by calling 1.800.722.4867, or online at www.afford.com. Application for this plan should be made in May or June and must be made at least 10 days prior to the first day of each semester.

Tuition Refund Policy

After a formal withdrawal request is initiated by undergraduate students, tuition is refunded or canceled according to the following scale:

Date of Receipt of  Withdrawal Request
Percentage Canceled
1st week of semester 80 percent
2nd week of semester 60 percent
3rd week of semester 40 percent
4th week of semester 20 percent
After the 4th week 0 percent

The University offers tuition insurance through AWG Dewar, Inc. Tuition insurance may protect up to 75% of any monies paid or loans obtained in the event that a student withdraws from the University due to a documented medical condition. Additional information about this service may be obtained directly from AWG Dewar by calling 617.774.1555.

Summer Sessions and Intersession

In cases of withdrawal from a course or courses within the first week of each term, a refund of 50 percent of tuition is made. There is no refund of summer or intersession tuition after the first week.

The foregoing policy is intended to protect the University, which plans its expenses and bases its budget on full collection of tuition and fees from all registered students and assumes the obligation of supplying instruction and other services throughout the year.

Residence Hall Fee and Withdrawal Policies

  • A $400 nonrefundable enrollment fee is required of new students requesting on-campus housing. A $250 nonrefundable room selection fee, which is applied to the fall semester housing fees, is required of returning students.
  • Housing and meal plan fees are billed on a semester basis in June and December.
  • A housing activity fee of $50 is billed each semester.
  • All resident students are required to purchase a University meal plan.
  • The housing agreement is binding for the 2010- 2011 academic year.
    • Students who cancel their housing agreement for the 2011 spring semester and remain enrolled as full-time students for the spring semester will be billed for the spring semester housing fees.
    • Students who are leaving the University must withdraw from housing by January 20, 2011. Failure to meet the withdrawal deadline of January 20, 2011 will result in a charge of $100, which will be deducted from the student’s damage deposit.
  • Proper withdrawal includes
    • notifying the Office of Residential Life in writing that the student is leaving University housing,
    • checking out with a resident director, and
    • returning all keys to the Office of Residential Life.
  • Housing fees are nonrefundable after August 22, 2010 and January 20, 2011.