2015-2016 Undergraduate Catalog 
    Feb 22, 2024  
2015-2016 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Marketing, and Quantitative Analysis

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Chair: Cheng Lu Wang, Ph.D.

Professors Emeriti: Robert P. Brody, D.B.A., Harvard University; Lynn W. Ellis, D.P.S., Pace University; Judith Neal, Ph.D., Yale University; Warren J. Smith, M.B.A., Northeastern University

Professors: Tony Carter, Ph.D., Western University (California), J.D.; George T. Haley, Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin; Ben B. Judd, Jr., University of Texas at Arlington; Linda R. Martin, Ph.D., University of South Carolina; Abbas Nadim, Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania; William S. Y. Pan, Ph.D., Columbia University; Anshuman Prasad, Ph.D., University of Massachusetts; Cheng Lu Wang, Ph.D., Oklahoma State University

Associate Professors: Dale M. Finn, Ph.D., University of Massachusetts; JiaJuan Liang, Ph.D., Hong Kong Baptist University; Pawel Mensz, Ph.D., Systems Research Institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences; Subroto Roy, Ph.D., University of Western Sydney

Assistant Professors: Khadija Al Arkoubi, Ph.D., New Mexico State University; Ahmet S. Ozkul, Ph.D., Clemson University

At this time, as all of society’s systems — governmental, technological, societal, educational, industrial, and military, as well as business-related — are becoming increasingly sophisticated and complex, there is a growing need for skilled managers that is unrivaled historically. Contemporary managers must attend to global competition, understand complex logistical matters, maintain service quality and continuous improvement, and monitor both the internal and external business environments. In response to these needs, the management programs seek to provide students with the foundations of knowledge and skill necessary to obtain and advance in professional managerial positions in both national and international corporations. The Department of Management offers a diverse set of degree programs in management and public administration. Minors are also available, in niche areas such as entrepreneurship and quantitative analysis.

The department encourages internships, which enable students to combine their education with practical, paid work experience in their career field. For additional details, consult your academic advisor and the Office of Internships and Employer Relations at 203.932.7491.

The Co-op Program

The Department participates in the cooperative education program (co-op), which enables students to combine their education with practical, paid work experience in their career field. For further details see the Office of Internships and Employer Relations  section of this catalog.


The discipline of marketing investigates business practices and strategies needed to attract customers and compete effectively in a global free-market system. Although the curriculum places a greater emphasis on practices and strategies in the domestic environment, international issues are explored in most courses and in an international marketing course. Newer coverage includes the emerging impact of the Internet on channels of distribution and on promotion practices. Skills are also developed in the traditional areas of consumer analysis and marketing research.

Quantitative Analysis

The modern corporation operates on the basis of a set of programs of data collection to track its activities and to understand the efficiency and profitability of its processes. The faculty in Quantitative Analysis deliver courses designed to address the development of quantitative reasoning; critical thinking; information collection, organization, and analysis; and decision-making skills. These include courses in applied calculus, operations research and operations management, information systems, and statistics. A minor in quantitative analysis is offered for those students interested in further strengthening their skill sets in this critical area that supports the business functions.

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