2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog 
    Jan 19, 2022  
2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

International Development and Diplomacy, B.A.

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The B.A. in international development and diplomacy is designed to provide a graduate-style program in the applied study of international relations at the undergraduate level. Students will develop mastery of content areas in the fields of political and economic development, conflict resolution, and diplomacy as they apply to the development of the nation-state over time. In addition, the program places a particular emphasis on the role of women in economic and political development and the necessity for sustainable economic and environmental socio-politico systems. The program requires tested language competency using American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) exams. (These exams are the standard used to grade U.S. Federal employees on language proficiency.)

Graduates will be well-positioned for work with national governments, international governmental organizations like the United Nations or World Bank, or further graduate study at top-tier programs.

Students in the B.A. international development and diplomacy program must complete 121 credits, 45 of which are required to complete the major. The program consists of courses within political science, communication, and journalism.  Additionally, students must complete 40 credits of University Core Curriculum requirements.  Also, in consultation with an advisor, students must attain an ILR level 2 foreign language proficiency through external exam certification.  Finally, students must participate in at least 2 approved semester long experiential learning experiences and obtain proof of participation from the political science coordinator or faculty advisor.

University Core Curriculum

Tier 1:

  • CC 1.1 - ENGL 1112  or ENGL 1113  
  • CC 2.1 - COMM 1130  
  • CC 3.1 - Mathematical and Quantitative Literacy - choose any course with this attribute
  • CC 4.1 - Scientific Exploration - choose any course with this attribute
  • CC 5.1 - UNIV 1141  
  • CC 6.1 - Historical Perspectives - choose any course with this attribute
  • CC 7.1 - PSCI 1121  
  • CC 8.1 - PSCI 2241  
  • CC 9.1 - Perspective on Creative Arts - choose any course with this attribute

Tier 2:

  • PSCI 3332 
  • Plus nine credits of any Tier 2 courses in any competency

Required Courses

Plus 12 credits for the following Political Science upper division restricted electives:

Plus 3 credits from a National Security restricted elective:

  • Any NSEC course

Plus 3 credits from the following upper-division restricted electives:


  • Plus 45 credits of free electives to be chosen with the student’s departmental advisor, three credits of which must be a W-designated course.

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