2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog 
    Jun 06, 2023  
2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

International Business, Finance, B.S.

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The International Business - Finance degree is designed to provide in-depth expertise in the discipline of finance while it concurrently provides students with a broader, global business perspective. Such perspective is essential to operating in today’s increasing complex multi-national business context. The program ensures students have a proficiency in a second language, enhanced socio-cultural awareness and a robust study abroad experience. Today’s business climate is marked by fluid and interconnected financial markets, widely available technological advancements that increase global connectivity, increased international trade, and the emergence of vibrant growing economies in what were formerly considered third world countries. Increased globalization has necessitated that managers have a broad, holistic perspective that incorporates the diverse components of an international business degree. Such a degree will become increasingly valuable as the trends associated with 21st century commerce progress.

Program Outcomes: 
  1. Students will demonstrate knowledge of financial markets and institutions and be able to apply the basic principles of corporate finance, international finance, and investment analysis.
  2. Students will evaluate how the cultural and legal differences between the country in which they studied abroad and the U.S. would impact how they operate in that country.

Students earning a B.S. degree in international business - finance are required to complete 121 credits, including the university core curriculum (41 credits) and the business program core (30 credits).  Further clarification and additional requirements are outlined below:

From the University Core Curriculum:

Majors that comply with the Pompea College of Business (CoB) core will complete the following courses as part of the 41-credit University Core Curriculum:

Core Competency 3 - Mathematical and Quantitative Literacy

  • Competency 3.1:  MATH 1108  - College Mathematics (or equivalent or higher)
  • Competency 3.2:  BANL 1100  - Introduction to Business Analytics

Core Competency 5 - Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

  • Competency 5.1: BUSA 1000  - Introduction to Business and Entrepreneurship 
  • Competency 5.2: ECON 1134  - Introduction to Microeconomics

Core Competency 7 - The Individual and Society

  • Competency 7.2:  ECON 1133  - Introduction to Macroeconomics

Core Competency 8 - Global and Intercultural Awareness

  • Competency 8.1: Foreign Language I

Majors that comply with the Pompea College of Business (CoB) core are not restricted in the way that the Writing Across the Curriculum requirement is satisfied.

International Business-Finance Major: 36 credits

Free Electives: 14 credits

  • 14 credits chosen in consultation with the adviser.

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