2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog 
    Jan 19, 2022  
2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog

Biology, General Biology Concentration, B.S.

B.S., Biology

Students earning a B.S. degree with a major in biology must complete a minimum of 125 credits. Courses include the course requirements for the particular biology concentration as indicated below and completion of 40 credits of the University Core Curriculum with restrictions as listed below.

University Core Curriculum

Concentration in General Biology

Program Outcomes

1. Students will have gained a knowledge base of biological principles and issues that allows them to effectively apply knowledge in biology, and an understanding of the connections within various areas of biology.

2. Students will be able to perform laboratory and/or field techniques that are typically used in the biological sciences. 

3. Students will be able to use computers effectively for analyzing biological data and presenting results of experiments and reports

4. Students will be able to prepare scientific reports, and communicate scientific findings through oral reports and discussion”

5. Students can conduct electronic searches of the scientific literature and have knowledge of internet sources of scientific information and how to assess the quality and accuracy of such sources.”

6. Students are able to read, comprehend and assess scientific publications.

This concentration gives the student a general overview of the biological sciences. It is appropriate for the student with a broad interest in biology. In addition to the University Core Curriculum and 21 credits of free electives, the following courses are required: