2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog 
    Apr 19, 2024  
2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog

Public Health, B.S.

The goal of the Bachelor of Science in Public Health program is to prepare knowledgeable, highly qualified, multi-skilled, entry-level public health professionals who work to address health issues that affect society in an effort to enhance health and prevent disease.  The program will incorporate students' didactic work enhanced by practical work that culminates with a capstone project prior to graduation addressing the competencies listed below.   

Upon completion of the Bachelor of Science in Public Health program, graduates are expected to:  

1. Apply skills in the five core competency areas of public health: 

  • Evidence-based approaches to Public Health

  • Public Health and Healthcare Systems 

  • Policy in Public Health 

  • Planning and Management to Promote Health 

  • Leadership, Communication, and Interprofessional Practice 

2. Demonstrate public health problem solving. 

Students will learn how to:   

  1. Interpret the roles of individuals, structures and processes in the functioning of the U.S. healthcare system.    

  1. Collect, interpret, and analyze health-related data.   

  1. Apply scientific knowledge, skills, and techniques to public health-related problems.   

  1. Formulate research questions and critically evaluate research done by others.  

  1. Demonstrate leadership skills and work in interprofessional teams.   

  1. Communicate effectively about health sciences topics to peer and professional audiences.   

  1. Comply with laws and regulations applicable to public health professional practice.   

  1. Identify the social and behavioral aspects of public health for individuals and populations.   

  1. Demonstrate cultural competence in healthcare settings and discussions.   

  1. Demonstrate professionalism incorporating the ethical values of the discipline.   

The portfolio of skills and networking that will be fostered in the program combined with the University's dedication to students and alumni will allow students to seek purposeful employment.

Students earning a B.S. degree in public health must complete a minimum of 122 credits.  Courses include the University Core Curriculum and the course requirements indicated below.   

University Core Curriculum

Students must complete the University Core Curriculum with the following restrictions:

  • C3T1 - MATH 1108  College Mathematics or MATH 1110  College Algebra 
  • C4T1 - BIOL 1121   General and Human Biology I w/lab 
  • C7T1 - PSYC 1111  Introduction to Psychology
  • C8T1 - DIET 1175  Food, Nutrition, and Culture
  • C1T2 - HLTH 2250  Research Design and Writing I
  • C4T.2 - DIET 2200   Food Science and Preparation w/lab
  • C5T2 - HLTH 2230  Bioethics
  • C7T2 - HLTH 2200  Introduction to the U.S. Healthcare System

Additional Required Courses (33 credits)

Plus eleven free electives (33 credits)