2018-2019 Graduate Catalog 
    Jul 15, 2024  
2018-2019 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Executive M.B.A.

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Founded in 1976 the Executive M.B.A. program at the University of New Haven is the second-oldest in New England, with over 1500 graduates to date.  It is designed for experienced, full-time managers who want to prepare themselves for general management.  Emphasis is placed on instilling the concepts and tools of management rather than developing deep proficiency in a specific area of business.  The newly redesigned program emphasizes the integrated nature of the business enterprise, interaction with its environment, and the demands on its leaders by providing an integrated learning environment for both the business disciplines and their integrated application in general management.

Over the last two decades it has become more apparent that organizations, similar to biological entities, [e.g., a human body], are made of many interacting parts that work together, and in harmony with the environment, to keep the entity alive and prosperous.  Unlike a biological entity, however, the parts of an organization, the employees, have brains and choices of their own.

This thinking has lead to a design change for business and executive education based on a holistic, integrative approach.  This is in harmony with the expectation that the high potential executives be prepared to run an integrative thread through different functional areas, similar to academic disciplines, and articulate an image of a successful enterprise as a functioning whole.

The program's emphasis is on understanding the impact of the interaction of different disciplines on the successful operation of an enterprise.  The relation between production, quality control, accounting, human resources, marketing, management and all other separate business disciplines and their combined impact on the success of the enterprise will be studied in an integrated way.  Moveover, as with any other living system, the relation between the organization and the environment in which it operates will also be a part of this integrated view.

The Executive M.B.A. design empowers the participants to become instruments of positive change in their respective organizations.  Upon graduation they are prepared to create integrative platform for change, lead their organization to successful global competition and remain ethical, socially responsible and quest for sustainability.  The new program places heavy emphasis on creativity and innovation as key for long-term viability and incorporates the greatest and most valuable component of any enterprise, its employees, in the core of establishing long-term competitiveness.

The Executive M.B.A. curriculum contains six large, integrative modules that together reflect a representative and comprehensive spectrum of key elements of an business enterprise; namely: Its viability, the way the achievement of viability is measured, its sense of social responsibility, concern for the environment and sustainability, its ability to complete globally, its ability to change and transform itself to remain viable and competitive and leading and executing the plans for creating and maintaining a competitive edge.

Within each of these modules the roles and knowledge-base of the traditional business disciplines of management, accounting, finance, economics, marketing, and quantitative methods are articulated in an integrated way.  The program concludes with a series of capstone, integrative projects where participants can utilize any one or a combination of the modules and apply it to ongoing and real-time organizational projects.

Modules of the Program:

First Year

Second Year

* Note:

As an alternative to the Washington Campus Seminar, students can participate in a special research project seminar (EMBA 999 ) resulting in a graduate-level business project.

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