2024-2025 Undergraduate Catalog 
    Jul 15, 2024  
2024-2025 Undergraduate Catalog

Pompea College of Business

Brian Kench, Ph.D., Dean
Candice Deal, Ph.D., Interim Associate Dean

The business programs at the University of New Haven's Pompea College of Business are accredited by AACSB, which is the hallmark of excellence in business education.  AACSB accreditation places the University of New Haven among the top 5% of the best business schools around the globe.  AACSB standards ensure high-quality business programs by fostering engagement, acceleration innovation, and amplifying the impact business schools have on the community in which they operate.  The University engages in a rigorous peer review every 5 years to maintain AACSB accreditation.

The Pompea College of Business offers the following academic areas of focus:  Accounting, Business Analytics, Economics, Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Esports, Finance, Hospitality & Tourism Management, International Business, Management, Marketing, Non-Profit Leadership, and Sport Management. 


To be recognized as one of the leading business colleges in the northeast.


To equip students with the skills they need to lead successful business careers and engage in life-long learning.

Core Values

As members of the College of Business, we accept the responsibility to respect and uphold six core values:


Students First

Our students come first. Their personal and professional development is our primary focus. Our unique hands on, experiential educational approach ensures that our students excel at whatever it is they choose to do.

Hands-On Learning

Business students are expected to apply what they study in class by participating in internships and coops, shared live client experience projects, student-faculty research, and innovative and entrepreneurial activities.


Applied scholarship enhances the college's educational effectiveness and positively impacts the community in which we live.


We expect the highest level of integrity of all members of our community.

Diversity and Inclusion

We value diversity in the backgrounds, strengths, interests, experiences and thought of our students, faculty, and stakeholders.

Team Approach

The members of our team support one another, communicate effectively and challenge each other to strive for excellence.

The Professional Enrichment Program

Pompea College of Business students participate in the Professional Enrichment Program. Students regularly participate in co-curricular activities during which they meet and network with area specialists; learn from business leaders; become involved in work-related endeavors such as a practicum and job shadowing; and attend various seminars, workshops, and forums that deal with professional readiness and work-related issues or emerging issues that impact the business environment. The Professional Enrichment Program builds upon the academic programs by (a) providing cutting-edge information and knowledge concerning matters that impact the operation of business and (b) merging theory into practice by way of the professional expertise and orientation of the session speakers.

Experiential Education Requirement

All University of New Haven undergraduates complete a minimum of two courses or experiences that are recognized as designated high impact practice that offer experiential learning opportunities. Colleges or programs may designate specific courses that fulfill all or part of this requirement. A designated high impact practice can be in one of the following five categories: (1) study abroad courses; (2) courses with a community-based project such as a service learning or a shared live client experience (SLiCE); (3) courses or fellowships with a faculty-mentored research project; (4) internships, practicums, or clinical field placements; (5) courses/experiences designated by departments as meeting the high-impact practice requirement that do not clearly fit with the previous four categories.

Students should meet with their advisor to plan the high-impact practice activity appropriate for their study program. All full-time students will register for BUSA 4501 during their senior year to record participation in the Professional Enrichment Program.

The Internship Program

The Pompea College of Business encourages all business students to participate in an internship program. This allows the student to combine their education with practical, paid work experience in their career field. For further details email the Pompea College of Business Director of Internships, Anthony Calabro at acalabro@newhaven.edu or call 203-479-4852. 

Pompea College of Business Academic Policies

Following are the academic policies of the Pompea College of Business:

  1. For B.S. degrees, at least 50 percent of the combination of (1) the business core credits and (2) major specific credits must be earned through core work completed at the University of New Haven Pompea College of Business.
  2. Courses completed at AACSB-accredited institutions may be transferred into the business programs for equivalent-level courses offered by the Pompea College of Business. Credits earned at four-year non-AACSB-accredited schools may be transferred only with the approval of the chair of the department offering the course and the dean of the Pompea College of Business.

University Core Curriculum

In addition to departmental requirements, students must fulfill all requirements of the University Core Curriculum outlined here .

Pompea College of Business Core

The Pompea College of Business Core Curriculum is outlined here .



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